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PRE-ORDER | Donha Egg Watch To Slow Down Your Time

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Note: Donha Egg watch is in pre-order status, all orders will be shipped before February 15th.

Our concept and perception of time, or lack thereof, is often tied to stress sense of self-efficacy. The crowds, the noise, and the everyday duties disrupt the fabric of time. Time is a simple concept and a subjective experience you may wonder, what is so difficult to look at your watch? Time flies by so fast but we can still capture moments within, remaining mindful and present yet stress-free.

Modern life also gets in the way of sleep and many people suffer from insomnia or high-pressure life, which is referred to as suboptimal health. People with poor resilience are often characterized by overreaction, easily irritated by everyday sounds, and seeking a peaceful place as a way to handle stress and pressure. This watch shows you the time without a sense of rush, silently taking your mind off the crowd around you.

The Donha Egg is a tribute to Peter Henlein, a locksmith who created the world's first portable timepiece in 1564 -- the Nuremberg Egg -- which is not only an invention but the origin of the watch category. It is like timepiece-inspired art, witnessing modern civilization and the evolution of time, laying the foundation for an evolutionary step of watchmaking.

Inspired by this, we reconstructed and combined these elements, and conveyed them to the wearer with the Donha Egg, which demonstrates the spirit of the craftsman, and an accessory as a personal symbol. The egg shape and unique chakra design bring unprecedented comfort at the touch of your fingertips. Unfolding the aesthetic of mechanical timepieces, this watch redefines the movement of time for the modern world.

Without the appearance of a watch but a necklace, the egg-shaped watch has no pointers and no annoying ticking sound. Over time, you'll discover the interesting side of this exquisite wearer as if its center is turning, an illusion of movement created by turning the minute pointer around the center of an axis.

The hour pointer is fixed in the center of the axis which always rotates about its center of mass, and the minute pointer is located above it. The rotation of the axis drives the movement of the minute pointer. With the alternating rotation of the minute pointer and the hour pointer, the movement of time is captured in person and shown uniquely.

As a watch without a pointer, the cores of the egg are divided into upper and lower layers, the above stand for minutes and the downside stands for hours. You can easily find out the time vertically from the snake head or Donha logo. We also use a quartz movement and the battery life is 4 years. The bottom is detachable for straightforward and easy battery replacement.

The Donha Special Edition is made of sterling silver, and basic version is made of metal. But it weighs only 28 grams, the feather-like lightweight design with a size of a dime. Create a wearing style that reflects your personality and preferences, wear it as a necklace or bracelet, place it on your desk or carry it in your pockets, it can be whatever you want to be.